How do unattended scan & go shops work?

Jon Lawson

Wolki Farm, a family-owned regenerative farm located in Thurgoona, NSW, Australia has opened its first unattended retail outlet. The app-based system works by using a PIN to unlock and enter the shop, then consumers scan the bar codes of their purchases and pay. To secure the site, Wolki uses an airlock with two doors so only one customer can enter at a time as well as video cameras, microphones and speakers so the security can be monitored remotely and customers can still talk to staff and ask questions.

Di Di Chan, President of system provider FutureProof Retail says, “Wolki Farm is a perfect example of how direct-to-consumer businesses that cannot afford to fully staff their store can utilise scan & go to allow their customers to shop anytime, 24/7, which adds a competitive edge. Wolki Farm’s members immediately adopted shopping with our Express Checkout app.”

Jacob Wolki, Owner of Wolki Farm added, “Scan & go is the perfect solution for a small store such as our butchery. There was no upfront cost, and it was operational in a few days. Everyone is amazed at how easy the app is to use. It’s fantastic how quick it scans.”