HMI SCADA can be accessed remotely from any web browser or smart device

Paul Boughton

New HMI SCADA software is now available that is built on international ‘open’ communications standards, providing user interfaces that display and execute across all types of common Web browser and accessible from any mobile or smart phone application, without requiring any additional software plug-ins, ActiveX, Java or Silverlight.

atvise scada, which is available in the UK and Ireland through MAC Solutions, is built on international open interface standards such as HTML5, SVG - vector graphics and TCP/IP. Unlike traditional HMI SCADA systems, which were not built to run over the Internet, atvise scada is developed to take full advantage of pure, open web-based technologies. This means that systems integrators, end users, OEMs, as well as buildings management companies that require full SCADA/HMI software but also with web functionality, can now achieve this at an affordable price. atvise scada eliminates the need for cumbersome client installations and software updates, minimising operational and maintenance effort.

Developed for professional automation and control systems, atvise scada includes all the typical SCADA functions such as alarms, historians, data trending, user management and multi-language capabilities. The design of the software allows it be scaled up from small installations with just a few dozen data access points to worldwide multi-plant installations with more than 100,000 process variables.

For web-based HMI and visualisation, atvise scada requires no client installation and uses scalable SVG vector graphics. This means any resolution is displayed on screen without any loss of quality. Web maps and video clips can also be integrated.

Project configuration can be carried out from any PC using the atvise builder application. Users can access the server via LAN or Internet to create data objects, configure alarms or to draw process images. A wide range of customisable process objects, images and panel templates are available from the software’s extensive graphics library.

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