Diversified product line for industrial applications in a wide variety of industries

The Hilliard Corporation is a privately held business based in Elmira, New York where it was founded in 1905.  Hilliard offers a diversified product line for industrial applications in a wide variety of industries. Hilliard products are designed, manufactured and sold according to our customers' applications. As a result, we have a large portfolio of custom-engineered products that can be modified to meet new applications. At Hilliard we welcome the challenge of product development.

Hilco Division
The HILCO® Division cost-effectively brings fluid contamination problems under control. HILCO engineers a full-range of filters, cartridges, vessels, vent mist eliminators, transfer valves, reclaimers, coolant recyclers and systems, and membrane filtration systems. HILCO products help decrease costs related to maintenance, component wear, and downtime while reducing environment contamination. Applications include, but are not limited to:

    •    Filtration
    •    Emission control
    •    Ion exchange systems
    •    Heat treating
    •    Power generation
    •    Metalworking
    •    Transformers
    •    Power utilities
    •    Turbines
    •    Chemical plants
    •    High-speed rotating equipment
    •    Pipelines
    •    Solid recovery
    •    Food and beverage processing
    •    Compressors
    •    Pumps

Motion Control
The Motion Control Division solves motion control problems economically and efficiently, specializing in satisfying difficult design requests. We work directly with customers to create solutions that fall outside standard product lines. Applications include, but are not limited to:

    •    Machine tools
    •    Recreation
    •    Robotics
    •    Mining
    •    Mills
    •    Industrial vehicles
    •    Cranes
    •    Marine
    •    Lawn and garden
    •    Amusement industry
    •    Concrete and construction
    •    Elevator and escalator
    •    Material handling
    •    Medical equipment
    •    Outdoor power equipment
    •    Printing

Engine Starter
The Starter Division makes a wide range of pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic starters for large-engine starting. Every model is carefully designed and installed to meet a specific type of application. Applications include, but are not limited to:

    •    Gas transmission
    •    Power generation
    •    Turbines
    •    Reciprocating engines
    •    Oil exploration and gas lift
    •    Marine propulsion
    •    Cogeneration
    •    Industrial engine
    •    Stand-by generation

Custom designs and high-speed clutch applications are also available.

Hilliard Braking Systems
The Hilliard Corporation manufactures a line of modular and caliper disc brakes for industrial applications worldwide. Hilliard stocks a large inventory of brakes and manufactures a complete line of discs, hubs, mounting hardware, and hydraulic power units to offer a complete brake system. Our application engineers can solve the most demanding brake requirements, or simply assist you with spare parts needs. Hilliard also manufactures a line of electric brakes for various applications including elevator modernization. Applications include, but are not limited to:

    •    Conveyors
    •    Wind turbines
    •    Mine hoists
    •    Marine
    •    Overhead cranes
    •    Container cranes
    •    Escalators
    •    Elevators
    •    Steel mill machinery
    •    Paper and textile
    •    Wire making
    •    Mining
    •    Construction
    •    Rail cars


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New York

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