High-speed, high-resolution data acquisition

Paul Boughton

The ADL01-USB compact, high-speed, high-resolution data acquisition and logging instrument from Aptifirst Ltd is a versatile instrument with five analogue input channels, five digital outputs, one analogue output, one digital input, and one counter input.

The device connects to a computer using a USB port, and the supplied Sensors2USB software allows the channels to be configured and named, and the data scaled, displayed and stored.

The ADL01-USB has a maximum resolution of 21 bits (one part in 2,097,152 or 0.00005%), and a maximum sampling rate of 50,000 readings per second, ie, 50kHz.

The on-board counter input has a resolution of 32 bits (1 part in 4,294,967,296, or 0.000000023%) and a maximum speed of 5MHz.

The Analogue Output is 0-5VDC, 10mA max into a 220Ω minimum load, the digital inputs are TTL compatible, with the input range –0.6 to +6V.

The ADL01-USB is supplied in a robust aluminium case measuring only 92 x 57 x 20mm, with a 26-pin D-socket for field connections to sensors, etc.

Among the available accessories are a handy screw-terminal break-out box to enable easy connections, adapter cables, customised wiring harnesses, and an independent sensor excitation power supply.

For more information, visit www.aptifirst.com