High flow volume/filter booster

Louise Smyth

Bifold's volume and filter booster range in 316L stainless steel provides up to 500% higher flow than the market equivalents.

By removing all elements from the main flow line, including, regulators and filters, the effective CV of the filter booster is multiplied, resulting in significantly reduced tubing sizes.

Where safety is critical, Bifolds range of volume and filter boosters are SIL 3 third party certified to IEC 61508 Parts 1 & 2.

In applications where a fast response time on modulating service, in combination with a fast shutdown time (ESD), is required, the VBP also eliminates the need for an additional poppet or Quick Exhaust Valve to achieve the required closing speeds.

This results in reduced material and labour costs and simplifies positioned set up and control.

The range functions with a working pressure range of 2 to 10 barg, with maximum inlet pressure of 20 barg and operates at a working temperature of -55ºC to +180ºC.

The common design format offers a choice of four main sizes with port threads of 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4-in, 1-in, 11/2-in and 2-in NPT which allow for installation flexibility and easy hook-up.

The EQUAL internal porting and balanced forces allow identical fill and exhaust flow, making setup

extremely simple and controllable.

Amplification of any control logic can be achieved by incorporating the volume booster with Bifolds' 'AXIS' and modular system solutions.

The pneumatically balanced design minimises the impact of both downstream and upstream pressure variations allowing for improved control along with the block before bleed function.

Captive Venting, suited to arctic service applications and has been tested to -60°C.

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