Heat transfer product maximises power production in solar market

Paul Boughton

Thermal fluid expert, Globaltherm has acted on industry calls for higher temperature heat transfer products. The company's latest addition to its range is Omnistore MS-550, a molten salt heat transfer media that operates at temperatures ranging from 150 to 550˚C. Specifically designed for concentrated solar plants (CSP), PET and plastics production and chemical industries, Omnistore MS-550 is ideal for applications where conventional heat transfer methods are not sufficient.

Once in a liquid state, Omnistore MS-550 has excellent thermo-physical properties, including low viscosity, high heat capacity and high thermal conductivity. Omnistore MS-550 is used in both heat transfer and thermal storage to maximise power production. The product is also miscible and interchangeable with other similar mix thermal products.

As a non-toxic, non-flammable product, Omnistore MS-550 minimises safety hazards and the need for high pressure equipment.