HBM Test and Measurement

Offering quality product testing solutions for over 60 years

HBM Test and Measurement delivers testing solutions to help engineers acquire quality data that can be trusted to make sound engineering decisions. Whether you are working on planes, trains or automobiles, we’ve got the experience and the testing tools you need. 

Backed by more than 60 years of experience and professional measurement services, HBM offers state of the art solutions for an extensive range of test and measurement applications in many industries worldwide. HBM's product range covers sensors, transducers, strain gauges, amplifiers and data acquisition systems as well as software for structural durability investigations, tests and analysis.

HBM has 27 subsidiaries and sales in Europe, America and Asia. HBM also has representatives in another 40 countries around the world. In addition to headquarters in Darmstadt (Germany), other HBM production facilities are located in Marlboro (USA) and Suzhou (China). HBM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spectris plc, a group specialized in precision instrumentation and electronic controls.

HBM products and services at a glance:

  • Strain gauges: Our range of strain gauges (strain gages) comprises of an extensive assortment for the most widely differing applications – from experimental stress analysis, durability testing through transducer manufacturing.

  • Load Cells: HBM provides the optimal load cell for your application. Rely on the competence of the worldwide market and technology leader in weighing technology.

  • Transducers & Sensors: HBM provides the widest range of transducers for measuring the following quantities: Force, torque, pressure, strain and displacement.

  • Data Acquisition Systems: HBM has the right measurement data acquisition system for your needs. You can benefit from the unique "made by HBM" precision and reliability while enjoying the best possible price-to-performance ratio.

  • Signal Conditioners: HBM offers you a unique complete solution for your process control - comprising transducers, measurement electronics, signal conditioners, software and services.

  • Data acquisition software: HBM's data acquisition software is the intuitive and professional software solution for fast and easy acquisition and visualization of your measurement results.

  • Fatigue and durability software: The nCode GlyphWorks, nCode DesignLife and nCode Automation software packages set standards in virtual fatigue and stress testing worldwide.

Measurement solutions for the energy industry
HBM has developed its extensive range of equipment both for structural analysis and continued performance across all energy sectors including renewable energy, nuclear, oil and gas. This makes HBM the ideal partner for the energy industry whether working onshore or off for any application. There are many fields of application in the energy industry where HBM measurement technology ensures reliable results—in energy generation as well as in power networks and the development of plants.

Typical applications include:

  • Measurement data acquisition in high-voltage areas

  • Durability tests on components

  • Torque efficiency tests on generators

  • Weighing technology applications for the energy industry

  • System design, test automation

  • Wind energy applications


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