HARD-LINE is a global leader in mine automation, remote-control technology, and mine production optimization. We create innovative products, placing the highest priority on safety while increasing efficiency for mining operations. No matter what type, make, age, or model of machinery, HARD-LINE can configure any equipment to operate remotely for surface and underground mining.

Established in 1996 in Sudbury, Ontario, our years of experience in mining, electronics, electrical design, and mechanical design allows us to develop customized products and deliver services to meet the specific needs of each client. HARD-LINE is an international company with offices in Canada (headquarters), United States, Chile, and Peru along with a worldwide network of distributors.

We offer a broad range of products that are used for a variety of applications and recognized internationally, like our TeleOp Systems, RRC (Radio Remote Control), BackBone Networks, FarSight, Brow Alert, and our low-profile platform series, the LP401 and LP301.

TeleOp allows the tele-remote operation of heavy machinery from a control station on surface or safe area, regardless of distance. HARD-LINE has over twenty years of remote experience, with the first TeleOp sold in 1997. The system is easy to upgrade, keeping operators ahead of cutting-edge technology to operate any machine, regardless of type, make, age, or model. There are features to this system with different functions and important like TeleOp Assist, TeleOp Multi, TeleOp Auto, and TeleOp Auto X.
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RRC (Radio Remote Control)
RRC (Radio Remote Control) is a flagship HARD-LINE product that allows operation of heavy machinery(LHDs, drills, wheel loaders, excavators, dozers, rock breakers, and other vehicles) from a safe distance up to approximately 1000 feet outdoors and 300 feet underground (dependent on area). RRC’s dependability, design, and functionality translate into increased productivity and revenue for any mining operation it is used in.
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BackBone Networks
HARD-LINE’s BackBone Networks are scalable and easy to install and maintain. They deliver power and network connectivity at gigabit speeds for optimized productivity, including voice, data, monitoring, and are compatible with our TeleOp systems. The access point’s bandwidth is 1Gbps network at a download rate of up to 125Mbps. BackBone Networks are designed for harsh underground environments that expand with any operation.
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