Handling solutions 'in 20 minutes'

Paul Boughton

Festo, the supplier of automation technology, has developed a new system for configuring ready-to-install handling systems in less than 20 minutes.

The Handling Guide Online (HGO) reduces design, assembly and delivery times compared with previous methods, from around two months to just three weeks for a standard handling system.

The new online tool is a faster and more cost effective option for design engineers looking to configure handling systems and can be found HERE. The HGO is suitable for design engineers specifying systems for applications such as palletisers, end-of-line packaging, assembling and laser cutting.

“In the past, engineers would have to go through a lengthy request for quotation, layout and quotation process when looking to order handling systems,” begins Nigel Dawson, product manager at Festo. “We recognised the need for a modern way of specifying systems, which makes the whole design and procurement simpler and developed this unique online software to make ordering and configuring handling systems a quick and easy experience.”

The HGO uses three steps. First the engineer chooses between four Cartesian system options; single-axis systems, 2D linear gantry, 2D gantry and 3D gantry. Then the user enters the specific application data into the tool, such as the load and stroke length. The system then calculates the most appropriate handling system for those needs.

Comprehensive datasheets, a powerful animation and complete CAD model are all available for download in a matter of minutes in all common data formats. The last step allows the engineer to further configure the selected system, with additional options in accordance with their own requirements, for example the safety options, sensors and length of cabling.

“In the final design, the HGO details exactly which parts make up the system and includes online links to the individual components. As a result users can easily order spare parts and have visibility on part availability and delivery times – in many cases this is next day,” continues Nigel. “HGO enables engineers specifying systems at their machine concept and quotation stage to very quickly have a fixed price, enabling them to be 100% sure of their performance and costs in this area. Ultimately this means they can be more competitive."

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