Innovating Acoustic Sensors since 1994

GRAS Sound & Vibration A/S is a worldwide leader in the sound and vibration industry. We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art measurement microphones and related equipment to industries where acoustic measuring accuracy and repeatability is of utmost importance. This includes applications and solutions for customers within the fields of aerospace, automotive, audiology, consumer electronics, and other high-demanding industries.

GRAS was founded in 1994 by Danish acoustics pioneer Gunnar Rasmussen who for more than 60 years has contributed to the world of sound and vibration with his unique ideas and designs. In 1956, Mr. Rasmussen designed the first reproducible 1” condenser measurement microphone. Mr. Rasmussen’s ingenuity soon led to the world’s most popular and probably most copied acoustic sensor: The 1/2” measurement microphone. Then the 1/4” and 1/8” microphones followed with outstanding dynamic and high-frequency capabilities that made high-definition diagnostics of impulse noise possible. Many variants have been made available over the years, all based on Gunnar Rasmussen’s original 1” pressure microphone design.

As a family-owned company, we safeguard our heritage by constantly striving to push the boundaries of what is possible and help our customers improve their products. This is why we have the industry’s most advanced microphones – a broad range of high-quality microphones for general acoustic applications complemented by an even broader range of highly specialized microphones and test solutions developed and fine-tuned to match specific challenges.

This is a reflection of our unique willingness to help solve our customers’ measurement needs and provide solutions for tomorrow. Listening to our customers is at the core of who we are.

Our measurement microphones are designed to support critical areas in our customers’ R&D, QA and Production Line testing. Using Highly Accelerated Lifetime Tests (HALT) we ensure that our microphones perform optimally in real-life situations and retain the long-term stability that is crucial for trustworthy measurement results.

GRAS is represented worldwide in more than 40 countries by subsidiaries and distributors. Whether you are searching for a multi-channel solution or just a replacement microphone for your sound level meter, GRAS will help solve your needs. Find more information on

As the world leader in developing cutting-edge acoustic sensors, GRAS provides new and improved microphones for more efficient and reliable acoustic NVH testing.

  • GRAS 146AE CCP Free-field Microphone Set - a rugged and versatile microphone, ideal for automotive noise testing

  • GRAS 147AX CCP Rugged Pressure Microphone - a new surface microphone optimized for cold and hot engine noise testing

  • GRAS 147EB CCP X-Rugged Microphone Set – a specially-designed microphone optimized for on-road brake noise testing.

With these three additions to its new generation of microphones, GRAS offers a portfolio of microphones covering all application areas within automotive NVH testing.


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