Graphene-based coatings

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With increasing efforts towards sustainability in the oil and gas sector, the short life cycle of machinery and metals due to corrosion still represents an issue. Corroded metal is not only harmful to the environment - causing contamination of products and safety hazards - but it can also result in unexpected expenses and costly maintenance for businesses. Plant shutdowns, waste of valuable resources, low performance can also inhibit technological progress.

Expert in the production of high-tech paints and coatings, Marchetti Tech has launched a new sustainable, high-performance line with graphene as the secret ingredient. Developed with the petroleum industry in mind, the Graphene Line improves machinery performance and material durability. This line is an application cycle of graphene-based paint products, consisting of various solvent-based primer and finish solutions with variable gloss. Designed for a perfect final overlap with paints in different colours and finishes. 

Created with sustainable processes (minimising water consumption and adopting recycling practices), the Graphene-line is designed to improve durability. When correctly integrated with coatings and paints, graphene creates a protective film, which prevents corrosion. Compared to ordinary paints, Marchetti Tech's graphene application cycles lasts longer, up to 2,500 hours in extreme conditions – as shown by the corrosion test conducted according to UNI EN ISO 9227:2017 (NSS) standards at Motivex Lab AutoMotive Test. 

Graphene-based paints, coatings and primers can be particularly beneficial for those operating in the oil & gas industry who are trying to improve machinery performance. The use of graphene paints can help increasing chemical and physical resistance, impact and abrasion resistance, as well as resistance to atmospheric agents and high temperatures.

Joseph Anthony Miceli, CEO of Marchetti Tech, said: “With sustainability being one of our top priorities, it was important for us to develop a high-tech, environmentally friendly product able to improve machinery longevity and safety. We have manufacturers’ needs at heart and we are always striving to solve industry challenges through technological progress”.



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