We re-think lightweight construction

At Gradel our systematic and integrative lightweight construction competence has motivated us to entirely re-think lightweight construction.

Bionic profiles, which can be used in hybrid and mixed structures, provide completely new innovative opportunities to develop and produce load condition specific components in the area of integrative lightweight construction - this added value will be created for various applications in different branches.

When glass, carbon or basalt fibers of composites are aligned and three dimensionally winded according to the component specific functions, the result is a spatial structural part of high intelligencein xFKin3D

The differentiation of xFKin3D to other (carbon) fiber technologies is marked by winding components of different fiber with the characteristics of:

  • Free geometric interpretation – maximum on flexibility for different structural components and applications.

  • Exact force and tension controlled by specific fiber placement only where it is necessary – designed by the load spectrum (tension, pressure, bend and torsion)

  • Adjustable technical solution through exact use of material only where it is necessary – quality / costs / lightweight (customer value / technology value).

  • Material-optimizing by minimum of waste (1%)  – exact fiber placement created by the load spectrum.

  • New hybrid connection methods with bionic fiber microdesign – integrated lightweight components with the focus to a high flexible industrialization.

  • Simplified interpretation for components and systems – reduction of complexity in design and production.

  • Top relation mass e-module – good saving potential in weight.

  • Adjustable – weight, firmness, stiffness


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