Going further, together

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ABB is committed to delivering top-quality service and support to clients all over the world, including by offering domain expertise and knowledge of local markets, explains David O’Rourke, Global Channel Manager, ABB Motion. The ABB channel partner network is key to delivering this. The network includes ABB Value Providers, who are fully authorized local partners around the world and deliver the same industry-leading trust and support that ABB does.

Many types of local businesses with technical know-how and key industry problem-solving skills have become ABB channel partners. ABB channel partners include system integrators, technical distributors, wholesalers, panel builders, installers and service providers. Customers can approach ABB channel partners with confidence, knowing that they are experts in their field and on ABB products, tools, and processes.

For even greater, more precise support, there are authorized ABB Value Providers, who operate as partners with a specialist focus. ABB Value providers are trained by ABB and deliver a trusted, accessible, authentic ABB experience, wherever you are in the world.

Top quality support for ABB’s customers around the world

ABB Value Providers – like other ABB channel partners – stock, install and service ABB drives, motors and PLCs with in-depth domain expertise. They invest a significant amount of time in becoming familiar with the products and receive training and information directly from ABB to ensure that their knowledge is always up to date. This includes the latest software and digital resources, service notes, information on new products, and more. This depth of knowledge – combined with ABB’s vetting and regular review process – makes ABB Value Providers a trusted resource.

In addition to knowledge of ABB’s products, systems and services, many ABB Value Providers also bring expertise in a specific niche segment or application. This enables them to provide an authentic ABB experience that combines access to industry-leading technology and resources with in-depth understanding. By contacting an ABB Value Provider, you maximize the chance that your engineering project will be successful.

ABB Value Providers are accessible, responsive and reliable, providing local support when you need it most. They can converse in their native language, follow local business practices, and have a high level of familiarity with issues specific to their country or region. Channel partners are also often physically closer to customers, enabling them to more easily meet in person, conduct site visits, and respond to issues rapidly.

Overcoming energy quality issues with ABB Value Providers

As an example of the outstanding service that ABB Value Providers can deliver, we can examine the success of the ABB Value Provider, Remtron, in New South Wales, Australia. Residents near a water treatment plant in the region were complaining of electrical disturbances. Lights would flicker and appliances shut down when the station’s energy-intensive pumps started up. Albury City Council, which runs the plant needed an accessible, trustworthy source of support, so they reached out to an ABB Value Provider: Remtron.

Remtron experts identified the source of the power quality disturbance: harmonics created by the system’s soft starter controller. They then worked closely with the council to identify and install an ACQ580 ultra-low harmonic (ULH) water and wastewater drive. This cut the total harmonic distortion (THDi) – which was the root cause of the electrical disturbance – from as much as 45 percent to just 3 percent.

The grid disruption issue was resolved, but Remtron was determined to go above and beyond. For advice about upgrading the plant’s motors, they enlisted the help of another local Value Provider: A1 Electric Motors. They recommended energy-efficient cast iron motors that are specifically designed for pumping applications and ensured that they were operating at the pump’s best efficiency point (BEP).

These infrastructure optimizations minimized the risk of operational failure and increased the plant’s energy efficiency. The changes resulted in energy savings of as much as 30 percent, reducing the facility’s emissions and significantly cutting operating costs.

Mitchell Palmer from the council said: “I had a somewhat thorough knowledge of motors and drives and while I knew there was more to learn, these guys blew me away. I really enjoyed working alongside Remtron and A1 Electric Motors. Not only did they share their knowledge of equipment solutions and all things electrical, their mechanical comprehension was invaluable.”

Going further, together with ABB know-how at your fingertips

Through ABB’s network of trusted, accessible, and authentic ABB Value Providers – and other channel partners – customers around the world gain access to expertise and advice in ABB’s products and services for various applications.

ABB Value Providers are aware of regional context and can work with customers in the local language, delivering decades of unparalleled sector expertise. The global network of ABB Value Providers assures customers that they receive the same level of ABB support, wherever they are.

This relationship is a win-win-win: Value Providers benefit from resources and support, ABB can deliver its service on a global scale, and – most importantly – every customer receives the advice and experience they deserve.

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