Gasification will evolve to meet major global demand

Paul Boughton

The global energy challenge will be increasingly met through tried-and-tested gasification, thanks to rapidly evolving technology, according to filtration and separation Porvair Filtration Group.

The company insists that the combined effects of environmental accountability and the feedstock availability will continue to drive innovation across the gasification industry.

Other market drivers are the diminishing options of waste storage, and enhanced energy security needs - a chief concern of almost every sovereign nation.

Porvair states that this demand is driving a need for more efficient filtration of syngas produced from the gasification process. This is due to the char becoming finer and the feedstock becoming more complex - often a blend of coal with petroleum coke, coal with biomass, biomass and MSW, and the conversion of used automotive tyres.

Filter media must therefore evolve to be more surface retentive, mechanically robust, permeable and with enhanced chemical inertness and thermal stability.

Porvair’s Gasification Business Manager, Andy Bevis, said: “Gasification has been used to produce light, heat and energy for nearly 200 years. During the World Wars, it was considered to be of particular importance due to the global disruption in petroleum supplies.

“Today’s advanced gasification technologies incorporate significant improvements over those early versions; greater flexibility, vastly increased scale, and new applications are driving gasification technologies to gain more prominence than ever before.

“The challenge will be met through the combination of surface-orientated media filtration technology and the alloying of differing materials in specific forms to achieve the necessary improvement in characteristics.”

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