Gas detection: reliability drives purchasing decisions

Paul Boughton

Reliability is the most important factor driving purchasing decisions in the global gas detection industry, according to arecent industry poll by Honeywell Company City Technology.

More than 50 per cent of industry polled last quarter identified reliability as the most valuable quality when assessing gas detection requirements. Reliability was the most highly rated, followed by cost (23 per cent of respondents) and proven track record (14 per cent of respondents).  
The survey was conducted by City Technology around the globe at major Health and Safety and Oil and Gas events in the United States, Europe and China. When asked about other important trends driving the market, respondents cited technical innovation, improved training and regulation.
The research supports the overall market trend for gas detection to provide the safest levels of protection in increasingly difficult environments. The industry has evolved dramatically working with end users to deliver the most reliable technologies that can withstand harsh temperatures fluctuations and be robust in difficult environments.
Commenting on the findings of the research John Warburton, City Technology’s Global Marketing Manager said: “These findings support exactly what City Technology works to pioneer - safe and reliable gas detection. We are continually working to design and develop solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications. A recent innovation is the use of mathematical modelling as a design tool that is helping to ensure that our new sensors are robust and reliable from day one. City sensors are critical components in gas detectors. They simply cannot be allowed to fail.”
This year, gas detection industry worldwide revenues reached $2.2 billion, showing the huge growth and sophistication of the industry. Each day 50 million people trust their lives to City sensors, with City’s reputation of Safety and reliability built on over 35 years of delivering safety.
*City Technology carried out research at the National Safety Congress (NSC)  in Chicago, US, 30 September-2 October, 2013; the A+A Safety Show in Düsseldorf, Germany 5-8 November, 2013; and the SIPPE International Petroleum Petrochemical Natural Gas Technology Equipment Exhibition on 28-30 October 2013. Polling was conducted at the shows, surveying a total of 114 respondents from within the industry.
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