Future-focused forum for wind sector

Louise Davis

The Onshore Wind O&M Forum Europe takes place 7-8 February 2017 in Hamburg, Germany.

Back for the ninth year, this leading onshore wind O&M forum brings together the most successful, innovative and exciting companies to discuss past and emerging topics.

With 120+ attendees and 30+ speakers, two tracks for a comprehensive O&M approach, multiple networking sessions, private owner only workshop and in-depth presentations, the 2017 event is a key date for the onshore wind industry.

2017 sees a fresh focus on important O&M strategy, concentrated on new areas including data and performance enhancing technologies. The agenda is constructed in a way that brings all the elements of O&M together for a fully rounded experience. Hear from O&M managers, asset managers, site managers and general managers from individual farms across Europe for a view of how these strategies actually work in practise.

Key Topics for 2017 include: Big Data Boom; Aerial Surveillance Drones; Exploring Expansion; and Optimising Major Components.

The technical side of things encompasses topics such as “Understanding gearbox reliability, failures & data” and “Understanding the challenges associated with accurate fault detection and reliable prognosis in wind turbine gearbox maintenance.”

Optimisation through effective maintenance is another key thread, where OEMs will discuss capabilities for repair and maintenance in 2017 and beyond, including maintenance optimisation and how to carry out preventative maintenance without increasing the direct costs of maintenance.

Effective blade maintenance strategies is another key topic. With a growing number of blades now in service and many well outside their warranty periods, hear why rotor blade maintenance is becoming a major issue and learn more about maintaining your blades.

Technological developments (SCADA & CMS) is another key focus. Looking to the future of CMS technology, what CMS solutions can we expect to be seeing on the market in coming years?

Decommissioning Assets will also be a hot topic. This will span everything from observing the critical need for early planning in an industry that still lacks decommissioning know-how to determining the best time to decommission and ensuring that wind turbines will be scrapped in a way that is most environmentally correct. The financing of the decommissioning process will also be looked at.

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