French solar car parks go live

Jon Lawson

SunPower has announced that 750 kilowatts of high efficiency SunPower E-Series solar panels are powering three new carports in Grenoble. The project was led by regional utility GEG, in coordination with OSER and Grenoble Alpes Metropole, as part of its Parkosol program which develops solar carport projects to serve the greater Grenoble area.

"Solar carports make sense because they provide electricity as well as shade," said GEG Production Director Daniel Besson. "High efficiency SunPower solar panels were the best choice for our carports because they maximise electricity output in space-constrained areas, and are recognised for high performance and reliability. The panels are manufactured sustainably, which enables these projects to meet environmental standards set by CRE, France's energy regulatory commission."

"Compared to conventional panels, SunPower E-Series solar panels produce 45% more energy in the same space over 25 years, and offer the solar industry's best warranty, guaranteeing power and product quality for 25 years," said SunPower Executive Vice President Peter Aschenbrenner. "SunPower is proud to partner with GEG on its innovative program, promoting the increased use of cost-competitive, emission-free solar power in the Grenoble area."


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