Franke GmbH

Wire Race Bearings and Linear Systems

Franke is the inventor of the wire race bearing and the world leader in the development and manufacture of lightweight movement systems both rotational and linear.

The Company
Our core competence is the development of innovative solutions together with our customers. The great versatility in terms of design of wire race bearings always leads to optimal solutions for each application. Today the product range includes both rotary and linear components, with and without drive.

Our entire quality management is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 2015. Sustainability is the connecting link in our entire value added chain. Our environmental management system satisfies the requirements defined in DIN ISO 14001 2015. The environmental policy refers to the complete location of the Franke GmbH in Aalen. The scope of the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 is valid for the entire company.

Documented processes in production and administration, external and internal audits also, guarantee a constantly high level of manufacturing quality. Our laboratory is equipped to conduct all necessary tests on resilience and service life. Samples and 100% inspections verify our efforts to deliver unbeatable product quality.

The Franke Principle
Franke wire race bearings are based on a simple but ingenious principle: individual race rings made of wire are provided with a raceway which is exactly adapted to the diameter of the rolling elements. The rolling process does not take place directly between rolling elements and enclosing construction, but on the four open races. This principle allows the free design of the enclosing construction in terms of geometry and choice of materials. The Franke wire race bearing principle also offers the advantage of free choice of material for the housing. The use of lightweight materials such as aluminum, plastic or carbon allows significant weight savings. The drive system can also be made smaller, resulting in energy savings of up to 30%.

The 4-point contact principle permits a maximum degree of flexibility and hence lays the ideal foundation for individual product solutions. Our customers are at liberty to choose whichever material, geometry, size, bore pattern, gear and sealing they require. An extremely broad range of materials can also be used for the mating structure. Our product solutions are always tailored to suit the specific application. From the concept to prototype construction and on to extensive test series testing, we engage at all times in close cooperation with our customers. This permits the manufacture of individual pieces and also series production.

Our products are highly respected worldwide. To make sure this does not change, constant innovation is at the heart of what we do. We join with our customers to develop solutions that are tailored precisely to suit the specific application – compact, integrated, energy-efficient and economical.


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