Force measurement

Louise Davis

Measurement and metrology specialist, Starrett, has introduced handheld force measurement to its product line up.

The new DFC  and DFG Series Digital Force Controllers will enable quality control managers across manufacturing, engineering and research and development sectors to perform accurate batch testing on the move.

The new controllers facilitate testing of load limits, break limits, distance limits and more.

Both the DFC and DFG have been designed to be used for handheld force gauging, but the DFC Series can also be used as a digital controller with Starrett’s FMM Digital Force Testers.

Suitable when high accuracy is paramount, the DFC features measurement accuracy within 0.1% full scale with internal data sampling at 25kHz.

Quality control engineers can use the advanced device as a universal interface to set up tests and configure load and distance limits and break limits, as well as crosshead travel direction and speed.

The DFG Digital Force Controller, on the other hand, is ideal for more basic tensile and compression testing, measuring force at an accuracy of better than 0.2 per cent at full scale. This handheld device is ideally suited for basic tensile and compression testing.

Both of these devices can be used in conjunction with Starrett’s Manual Force Testers from the MTL or MTH ranges.

The two MTL testers, the MTL-110 and the MTL-330, operate with a quick-action lever in either tension or compression directions, and can measure up to 500N or 1,500N respectively.

The MTH Manual Tester is a single column, manually operated force tester with a load measurement capacity of 2,500N, this device can also be used for compression or tensile testing.

Both new devices feature cast-aluminium housing and have high resolution OLED colour displays with adjustable backlight.

The battery provides more than 30 hours of continuous operation, and the USB port on the controllers can be used for both charging and for transmitting data to a computer. However, data can be transmitted from both the DFC and DFG controllers using Bluetooth.