FMUT fabrication begins

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Fabrication starts on Van Oord's flange monopile upending tool.

Following the contract awarded by Van Oord earlier this year to design and build a flange monopile upending tool [FMUT], KENC announces the commencement of fabrication for the FMUT for its long-term client, Van Oord.

Designed to face the challenges of varying sea conditions, the FMUT boasts unparalleled versatility. Its innovative engineering enables efficient upending and lifting of monopiles - with a diameter between 7,5 – 8 meters - while effectively managing the challenging side leads.

Next to an optimal operational performance, the FMUT is designed for a smooth construction process and minimized production cost. The FMUT’s light yet strong design – with a weight of under 75 tonnes and the strength to lift an SWL of 1,600 tonnes - was achieved through a combination of various materials. The tool will be delivered in December 2023 and will become operational at the start of the next year!

Vincent Vinkoert, business development manager at KENC Engineering: “We are right on schedule to deliver the FMUT for its first assignment and are very much looking forward to see the tool in action! We are proud that our long-term partnership with Van Oord is underlined with this exciting project!”