Fire protection systems for Energy Storage Systems

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Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are an essential element of power systems

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are an essential element of power systems, ensuring continuity of energy supply and system reliability. However, they also bring with them significant fire hazards, especially in the case of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), which utilize Lithium-ion battery technology, as they combine high energy materials with highly flammable electrolytes.  

These types of batteries, when subjected to misuse or external mechanical forces, or due to age-related damages, will incur a ‘thermal runaway’, wherein the temperature inside the battery rapidly increases, gasifying the electrolyte, and leading to a pressure buildup that ruptures the casing of the cells. The highly flammable vapors that escape the casing will then mix with the atmosphere, and ignite as a result of the elevated temperature. This can cause a flash fire, which, in turn develops additional highly toxic and explosive gas mixtures.

FirePro, in cooperation with accredited laboratories and certification bodies, has been running a continuous series of experimental test campaigns on different types of Li-ion electrolytes and battery architectures. The results of these campaigns indicate that our environmentally friendly patented aerosol agent – which comprises micro-sized potassium salts suspended in a blend of inert gases – suppresses the fire by inhibiting the combustion chemical chain reactions and inerting the explosive atmosphere created, thus preventing re-ignition. As a result of this action, the temperature falls below the critical point necessary to sustain the thermal runaway sequence. The affected batteries, which remain at risk for an extended period afterwards, must then be disposed of in a safe manner by first responders.

FirePro Technology has been utilized by the most reputable battery manufacturers, such as Samsung SDI and Kokam.