Final turbine installed at Race Bank offshore wind farm

Jon Lawson

The final wind turbine has been installed at Ørsted’s Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, meaning all 91 turbines are now successfully in place and capable of producing green energy.

Race Bank is located off the English North Norfolk coast and is using Siemens 6 megawatt (MW) wind turbines.  Many of these turbines feature the first blades to be manufactured at the Siemens blade factory in Hull.

The installation of the final turbine means the project remains on schedule, with the wind farm expected to be fully operational soon.

David Summers, Project Director for Race Bank at Ørsted UK, said, “I’m delighted that all 91 turbines have been successfully installed at Race Bank. This has been one of the more difficult projects to execute with challenging seabed conditions and a complex export cable route.  Construction has progressed well and we’re right on schedule – this is an important milestone to reach.

“I’d like to thank the team here at Ørsted who have worked with great passion and commitment to achieve this. I would also like to thank our suppliers and contractors who have collaborated with us on this project as they are a big part of the success story.  We’re now looking forward to completing construction and seeing a fully operational wind farm next year that will be capable of powering over half a million UK homes.”


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