Feedthrough built for high-powered solutions

Louise Davis

TE Connectivity (TE) has released its newly developed DEUTSCH lightweight bulkhead feedthrough.

This high-power connector offers a lightweight method of connecting electrical power through an equipment bulkhead.

Suited for most harsh environments of power distribution in commercial aircraft, military aircraft and ground vehicles, TE’s new bulkhead aluminum feedthroughs are up to 50% lighter than existing TE standard male terminal feedthroughs.

TE’s DEUTSCH lightweight feedthroughs are based on industry standard MIL-DTL-38999 mounting footprints to help save space and reduce costs.

The connectors are available in threaded terminal shell sizes 17 and 23 and offer high corrosion resistance and high current handling options.

The lightweight feedthroughs are customisable to fit a variety of rugged applications, including plating in cadmium, zinc nickel and nickel, and square flange or jam nut panel mounting, together with options for EMI and EMP filtering.