Fast-curing SMD adhesive for precise dispensing

Engineer Live News Desk

At the BondExpo fair in Stuttgart Panacol will present its new Structalit 5604. It is an extremely fast-curing adhesive which is specifically developed for bonding SMDs to printed circuit boards. The adhesive is based on epoxy resin and is, despite its high viscosity, suitable for jet application.

Structalit 5604 is a one-component epoxy resin adhesive that contrasts well with green PCB material due to its red color. This makes it possible to ensure visual inline inspection. The one-component adhesive can be dispensed in production through jetting, valve dispensing or screen printing. Its ideally adjusted viscosity and high thixotropy index enable high-speed dispensing, precise dot profiles, and non-slumping wet adhesion prior to curing.

This adhesive is cured with heat. The thermal cure occurs within minutes, even at low temperatures. When fully cured, the adhesive is extremely temperature resistant. It can withstand short-term temperatures of up to 270°C, making it suitable for reflow soldering processes.

Structalit 5604 is particularly shock-resistant and durably adheres to FR4 printed circuit boards, metals, and epoxy-based molded materials. Due to its high glass transition range of >115°C, the adhesive is ideal for electronic component assembly. It does not lose adhesion or softens at elevated temperatures. As Structalit 5604 was developed specifically for use in electronics, it has high ionic purity and thus provides optimum protection against internal corrosion.

Visit us from 10 to 13 October 2023 at the BondExpo fair in Stuttgart Germany, hall 5, stand 5417.