Fansider S.r.l.

High quality non-standard solution for dosing and mixing systems for bulk materials handling

Fansider S.r.l. is a certified ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer company based in Modena, Italy, since 1974. Fansider S.r.l. produces high quality mixers, screw conveyors, dosing systems in general: nothing is standard in our machinery, everything is special and made according to the specific request of the client.

Because of the high quality of our machinery and the specific design of every single component, in the past 40 years we had the chance to work in many different field such as:

  • Food plants

  • Chemical plants

  • Pharmaceutical plants

  • Cement plants

  • Water treatment plants

  • Waste treatment plants

  • Air pollution treatments

  • Filters plants

  • Biomass plants

  • Tiles plants

The main feature of Fansider S.r.l. is the ability to respond to every single customer request, from the technical project, maintenance, up to after-sales service. Strengthened by a competent technical department that is able to answer to every client need, and supported by a wide technical expertise cultivated on the field, Fansider is able to provide the specific know-how in order to reach a total customer satisfaction.

Depending on the specific goal of the client, Fansider S.r.l. is able to supply machinery in Carbon steel, Stainless Steel (AISI 304-L, AISI 310, AISI 316-L-T, and more), any kind of internal lining (rubber and many different kind of lining depending on the purpose). Fansider S.r.l. is able to offer ATEX products on request too.


Our range of Mixers goes from the very gentle mixing of the Rotating Drum Mixer (MTR series) or the Ribbon Blender (M01 series), up to the high quality mixing (continuous or discontinuous) of the Plough-type Mixers (MDV or MCV series). For specific purpose, the double shaft mixers with or without humidifier cabin (MESCBI series). We manufacture tubular (CT series) or trough (CCU-CCV) Screw Conveyors, horizontal, inclined or vertical, from diameter 150 up to 1000, in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel depending on request; for bigger extraction, FANSIDER multiple extractors are the best solution for you. Two different solutions for the Microbatch Feeders: the single motorization (MC250-MC500) or the double motorization for very specific purpose. Every component could be designed for your needs, so do not hesitate to ask.

Fansider is also able to supply, Automatic Bag Splitters, Vibrating Extractors, Slide Valves, Butterfly valves, Double Chamber Valves, Grinders etc. We are very proud of our two Rotary Valves series: the more economic one, able to respond to 0,1 bar pressure, and the high quality one, up to 1 bar pressure.

Remember that Fansider S.r.l. produces machinery only after the acceptance of a specific drawing that our Tech. Dept. will design under the supervision of the client. Every single data could be aligned to the needs of the plant.

For the entire range of products, please take a look at, and download the Tech. doc. related to machine of your interests.

Fansider S.r.l. was founded in 1974 in Maranello, Italy, in the heart of the Sassuolo’ ceramic district. First, Fansider started with the intent to produce transport systems for the ceramics industry; then, since the early 80’s, it extended the scope of its activities to other sectors such as mining, metallurgic, foundry and milling industries, paint and cement factories. The consolidation of its corporate identity was created in purely national context through close collaboration with leading companies in the areas mentioned above.

In the early 90's, Fansider S.r.l. moved to the current headquarters in Spezzano di Fiorano (MO), in a wider structure of 2500 square meters. Due to a stronger know-how built-up day by day through the constant collaboration with different national and international staff, Fansider S.r.l. extended its market to the chemical and plastic industries, pharmaceutics, food industries, sludge, powder and air treatment, and it designed machinery for various European, Middle East and around the world general Turn-key contractors.

Over the years Fansider S.r.l. has been able to design specific systems in various fields, and it enriching its reference list with great Italian and International companies. What makes Fansider S.l.r. a privileged partner for these companies is the total synergy with the client, the constant availability in meeting the customer specific needs, the attention to detail for every single machine without losing reliability and assistance.

The great ability to answer to the most diverse technical questions makes Fansider the best choice to whom is interested to reliable solutions without failing stringent technical requirements. Our product poses Fansider beyond the limits of the standard in the Bulk materials handling market.


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