Exhaust gas heat exchanger for 1Mw engines

Paul Boughton

EJ Bowman has extended its range of exhaust gas heat exchangers with its new type 15 unit which is capable of recovering waste energy from engines rated up to 1 MW. The type 15 heat exchanger means Bowman can now cater for larger scale power generation applications and enables genset manufacturers to offer highly efficient CHP solutions at reasonable cost.

Designed specifically to address market demands for a high efficiency unit for engines up to 1MW typical power, it is capable of recovering around 600kW of waste heat through the engine’s exhaust stream at an exhaust gas flow rate of 70kg/min.

The unit is perfect for larger independent genset applications, where high levels of waste heat that would otherwise be lost to atmosphere can be recovered and used to provide hot water at no extra cost in terms of fuel usage. When combined with Bowman’s other heat exchangers and coolers, the total amount of energy that could be recovered from an engine’s jacket water, engine oil, turbo charger air and exhaust gases could amount to over 1000kW of thermal energy – depending on engine size and power outputs.

In common with all standard Bowman Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers, the new type 15 unit is suitable for use with engines powered by conventional and alternative fuels.

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