Evaluation kits for miniature inductive encoders

Paul Boughton

Posic is introducing a highly miniaturised inductive encoder kit ID1101L for linear applications. The encoder head measures only 9.0 x 6.8mm with a thickness of 0.9mm and provides A and B pulses in quadrature. The pulse frequency ranges from 0Hz up to 200kHz. The extremely small dimensions enable the encoder to be integrated inside linear drives, X-Y tables and similar equipment.
Included within the encoder kit are a linear scale made from a printed circuit board that can easily be cut to the required length. The resolution is programmed ex-factory upon customer demand and may vary from 0.3mm down to 0.3um.
As well as its compact size, the encoder is characterised by its insensitivity to dust, water, oil, grease and even magnetic fields. According to Posic, ID1101L encoders are typically used in applications such as linear drives, X-Y tables, pick-and-place assembly equipment, robots and optical/laser equipment.
Evaluation kits containing two cabled encoders, a linear scale and an interface board are available from stock.
For more information, visit www.posic.com

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