Especially flat Box PC with 6 GigE ports

Louise Davis

The Nuvo-5000 series industrial Box PCs introduced in 2016 has had a further model added: the flat Nuvo-5000LP with a mere height of 77mm.

LP stands for low profile and with this the new embedded controller convinces, despite the large number of interfaces, primarily as a system-integrated controller which can be located in cable ducts, small switch boxes and machine shafts. All controllers in the series are attuned to an area of use with industrial requirements, also demonstrated by admissible operation in the extended temperature range from -25 to +70°C at full CPU load.

LP stands for low profile and, despite their low height of a mere 77mm, the controllers from the Nuvo-5000LP series are really powerful and, with their individual selection of performance features (CPU, interfaces, patented expansion cassette, optional application-specific Mezzanine board), their versatility can hardly be surpassed. Various i7 Intel processors from the Skylake generation form the basis for selection (8M cache, 3.4/4.0 GHz, 65W TDP), i5 or i3. Its working memory can be extended up to 32 GB, the hard disk capacity up to 1 TB (2.5-in SSD with RAID support).

The design of the fanless full metal housing consisting of a resistant aluminium alloy is designed to meet the high requirements in production and warehouse surroundings. In addition to stationary applications, operation in vehicles is supported functionally, e.g. with control options via the ignition.

Up to 6 gigabit Ethernet interfaces, of which 4 also offer PoE as an option with an overall output of 80 W, ensure maximum bandwidth for data exchange as required for image processing, for example, and as required for machine vision applications. Up to 8 USB connections of which 4 with USB 3.0 as well as several serial interfaces are available for fast data communication with peripheral devices.

Application-specific I/O functions can be implemented as good value extensions with optional Mezzanine cards (MezIO modules with serial interfaces or digital I/O interfaces). The hot swap-capable tray for a 2.5” SSD/HDD allows fast exchange of the storage medium. In addition to the common DVI/HDMI and VGA video interfaces, two universal display ports support 4K2K resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 pixels.

A low height, strong performance and comprehensive functional variety distinguish the new, flat Nuvo-5000LP series controllers. As a reliable and safe platform, they can be used in demanding applications, for example in the areas of automation, fabrication, logistics, image processing, robot steering, monitoring and building automation.

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