Ensuring gas detectors are compliant

Paul Boughton

The new Crowcon I-Test bump testing and calibration station is designed specifically to test and verify that Crowcon’s Gas-Pro portable gas detectors are in a compliant state.

Bump testing (gas testing) standards globally are becoming ever-stricter and the demands on fleet managers to control bump and calibration records are increasingly stringent. The I-Test simplifies this process as much as possible.

To start with, there’s no need to turn the test gas on and off – a flow regulator automatically pulls in the correct amount and concentration of gas for each bump.

The I-Test also starts automatically as soon as a Gas-Pro detector is inserted without the need to press any buttons. The device then verifies that all gas sensors are responding to a known value of gas and that the filters are clear and good for use. It also tests that audible and visual alarms are working, giving the user full confidence that a unit is compliant for site use. In addition, the I-Test informs the operator if a gas cylinder is empty or has expired.

The accompanying I-Test Manager software tracks which Gas-Pro units need calibrating and allows storage, interrogation and convenient presentation of large amounts of bump testing data. Calibration certificates are automatically created and stored and many different types of reports and graphs can be created for easy interpretation. All this information is then easily accessible for audit and compliance purposes.

The Crowcon I-Test allows a fleet manager to do the following:

* Change alarm levels on each sensor.
* Control calibration gas and lot numbers.
* Set up banners on the display.
* Set calibration information and store results.
* Set bump test information and store results.
* View event and data logs and run reports.
* Print calibration and bump certificates.
* Run and print exception reporting.
* Customise reports and save to databases.

These are just the main features, but the I-Test has a lot of flexibility and each site manager can determine what’s important for their site. Once these features are set up for the first time the system can then manage an entire fleet of Gas-Pro detectors.

For more information, visit www.crowcon.com