Enhancing safety with intelligent tire pressure solutions

Hayley Everett

Introducing more intelligent tyre pressure monitoring.

A tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an essential system in modern-day vehicles, considered by many to be the most important safety system in a car or truck aside from the seatbelt. The TPMS eliminates guesswork by notifying you if a vehicle is low on air or flat, not only helping to prevent accidents but also enabling the driver to improve their gas mileage.

Now, Infineon Technologies is taking tyre pressure monitoring to the next level with the launch of its Xensiv SP49 tyre pressure monitoring sensor. The sensor has been born out of a combination of Infineon’s automotive expertise and its patented glass-silicon-glass MEMS sensor for the automotive TPMS market. Integrating MEMS sensors and ASIC, Xensiv SP49 has been engineered to provide smart tyre features that enable enhanced tyre pressure monitoring systems with advanced intelligent tyre functions, including on-tire auto-position sensing, tyre inflation assistance, tyre blowout detection, and load detection.


Semiconductors are crucial to solving the energy challenges of our time and in shaping the future of digital transformation. With its power system solutions, Infineon Technologies has positioned itself as a ‘key enabler’ in the move to harness renewable energy resources and deliver energy-efficient solutions along the entire electrical energy chain. The firm’s silicon, silicon-carbide and gallium-nitride based power, driver, microcontroller and software solutions are used widely in energy efficiency and green power applications.

With its smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems solutions, meanwhile, the company is aiming to play a key role in unleashing to full potential of digitalisation to positively impact the way we live, work, produce and consume. The company’s sensors, microcontrollers and communication devices are being leveraged to help bring both the industrial and consumer IoT to life.


The Xensiv SP49 is a pin-to-pin replacement for Infineon’s last generation SP40 TPMS products. Fetauring a powerful 32-bit Arm M0+ core, a large flash memory and RAM, the sensor delivers Low Power Monitoring (LPM) and optimised fast acceleration sensing. With its hardware master/slave I2C interface and software-simulated UART, SPI and PWM interfaces, the SP49 is ideal for sub-1GHz and scalable for BLE TPMS.

Available at ASIL-A, the sensor offers a high level of integration and is optimised to perform all functions required to implement a modern TPMS module. Equipped with an integrated microcontroller, sensors and convenient peripherals, the SP49 requires only a few passive components to form a complete TPMS sensor unit. The device is designed for low power consumption, making it ideal for battery-powered applications.

In addition to being capable of generating a wake-up from the integrated interval timer, the SP49 products are suitable for stand-alone remote pressure sensing solutions that require low power consumption. In these applications, the LF receiver with wake-up capability and ‘best-in-class’ sensitivity enables on-demand measurements.

Optimised for battery-powered applications, the SP49 offers flexible wake-up, power management and ultra-low power down, while a wide range of supply voltage ensures a long-lasting battery lifetime.




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