Enhanced compact drives offer greater power density

Paul Boughton

Siemens UK & Ireland has enhanced its modular drive inverter system to offer higher power density and space-saving. The second generation of the Sinamics G120 is now available in three voltage versions for connection to 200V, 400V and 690V lines and its higher power density is due to the new PM240-2 power module.

The re-engineered drives are even more resistant to line fluctuations, thanks to an integrated DC link inductor, while the IP21 degree of protection makes them drip-proof, meaning they can be mounted outside a control cabinet, even in a damp environment.

The new Sinamics G120 range is available in seven frame sizes, with powers ranging from 0.37kW (kilowatts) to 250kW, depending on requirements. The drives can be mounted side-by-side without derating, reducing not only space requirements but also the cost of control cabinet construction.

To lower heat levels in the control cabinet, the Sinamics G120 features the innovative push-through cooling concept in addition to needs-based ventilation.

The new drives have optimised connections on the line and motor sides to simplify commissioning and maintenance work. Siemens also supplies the shield plates at no additional cost.

The user can combine the power unit with the appropriate control unit and other optional components, such as operator panels, to meet the requirements of their application. The control units have extended functions and are characterised by precise, reliable vector control and basic positioning capabilities.

The drives also have a comprehensive, integrated safety concept ranging up to PLe/SIL3 and are suitable for pumping, ventilating and compressing applications, as well as moving and processing applications.