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Edwards Vacuum has launched a new oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. The company offers a reliable product in the form of the powerful, robust E2S series for low and medium vacuum in industry and research. The E2S has a simple design and is suitable for various standard applications. "It pumps quickly, handles any vapours that arise and, with its quiet operation, helps to reduce the noise level in working environments," says Product Manager Jessie Huang, summarising the advantages of the vacuum pump.

Shorter cycle times, higher throughput

Thanks to the modern technical design, users increase the economic efficiency of their processes with the rotary vane pump. This is based not least on the high pumping speed of the E2S. This shortens cycle times and increases production capacity in standard processes. "An important advantage: the higher throughput is achieved without additional energy requirements, so the ecological footprint is not increased," assures Edwards Product Manager Jessie Huang. According to Product Manager Jessie Huang, the pumping speed of the E2S is  90 m3/h and enables an ultimate vacuum of 3 x 10-3 mbar. At ultimate pressure, the performance of the E2S thus meets the requirements of industrial applications. For special performances, Edwards offers optional standard combinations of two-stage E2S pumps including a mechanical booster.

Intuitive handling

The modern technology of the compact rotary vane pump is also reflected in its user-friendly design. Thus, the E2S has also been developed along the most modern needs of its users in terms of simple, intuitive handling. The operating elements are correspondingly functional and ergonomic, offering a high level of safety against operating errors. The quiet running of the E2S series is also due to its technology. The low-noise plain bearings are made of sintered steel, have a simple design and do not dry out even with low oil lubrication. Edwards has integrated an oil pump for continuous lubrication over the entire pressure range.

Duo Seal, Gas ballast increases water vapour tolerance

To prevent oil loss, the rotary vane pump contains two shaft seals. Edwards has also optimised the cylinder bore for the highest possible stable discharge pressure and increased leak tightness. In addition, a built-in oil filter prevents oil leaks and protects the inside of the pump from particles and contaminants. If the application requires it, the adjustable gas ballast function can be used to increase the water vapour tolerance of the E2S. In the standard setting, small amounts of water vapour are pumped out via this, while at the same time a good ultimate pressure is maintained.  

Wide range of applications

Edwards offers the E2S series in three pump sizes – the E2S 45, E2S 65 and E2S 85. The rotary vane pump is primarily suited for vacuum drying and degassing, heat treatment and vacuum furnaces; as well as for leak testing of components and systems in automotive manufacturing, coating applications, research and development and analytical applications.

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