EMCO High Voltage Corporation

XP EMCO leading the way in high voltage technology

XP EMCO designs and manufactures high voltage DC power supply products for original equipment manufacturers, research laboratories, and educational institutions around the globe.

With more than four decades in the industry, XP EMCO has diverse experience developing products that help our customers meet their design challenges.  Whether developing highly sensitive laboratory equipment, instrumentation that must perform under extreme conditions, or portable devices requiring low power consumption, you can depend on our products to satisfy your need for high performance and reliability.

Markets and Applications
Long-term reliability, robust design, and continuous advancements in miniaturization make XP EMCO power supplies well suited to a variety of markets and applications, including:

  • Aerospace:  XP EMCO power supplies deliver consistent performance and reliability under extreme conditions

  • Consumer/Industrial: Low ripple, noise and EMI/RFI make our products suitable for use in precision devices for testing and analysis

  • Medical: XP EMCO DC to DC converters provide the compact size, consistent dependability, and low noise required by designers of sensitive medical equipment. 

  • Military/Defense: XP EMCO products help designers meet the challenges of designing equipment for mission-critical applications that must perform reliably in a wide range of environments

  • Scientific: Developing advanced scientific instrumentation calls for high voltage power supplies that integrate seamlessly while providing clean and reliable high voltage

Standard Products
XP EMCO’s extensive selection of standard high voltage DC power supplies provide outputs of up to 33kV at 2mW to 15W and accept input voltages of 5, 12, 15, 16, and 24 volts. They feature proven reliability and integrated protection features. Choose from surface-mount, thru-hole, and flying-lead solutions. RoHS products are available, and many products are UL listed.

Regulated High Voltage Power Supplies
XP EMCO’s regulated high voltage power supplies offer clean, reliable DC to high voltage DC conversion using advanced filtering and quasi-sinewave oscillator technology. Modules provide easy external control and design-in.

Proportional High Voltage Power Supplies
Our proportional high voltage power supplies deliver versatile, low-cost DC to high voltage DC conversion with proven reliability.

Custom and Semi-Custom Products
XP EMCO develops custom and semi-custom products to meet our customers’ unique specifications. We have more than four decades of experience designing and manufacturing high voltage solutions for a wide range of applications, from satellite communications systems to scientific instruments.

XP EMCO’s designs have earned several awards, including the Key Partner Award from the University of Wisconsin for project ICECUBE, two Product of the Year awards from Electronic Products Magazine, and Product of the Year from the University of California, Davis.


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