Eliminate interference in electrical systems

Jon Lawson

SCHURTER maintains a team of EMC specialists that offers a comprehensive, professional measurement service for ensuring effective EMC control. 

The specialists perform all the necessary preliminary tests for immunity and emissions of electrical systems or installations. Are the emissions above the limit values, there is a large assortment of noise filters and chokes available. If necessary, the components will be adapted according to requirements.

Measurement results are recorded in an EMC test report that provides you with CE proof of conformity for conducted emissions.

On-site measurements

SCHURTER has four laboratories where we perform our testing services. These EMC Competence Centers are equipped with the required test equipment and EMC chambers for measuring conducted emissions.

In addition, it works in close co-operation with accredited laboratories around the world. Upon request, it provides on-site interference-suppression service on electrical equipment using mobile measuring tools and perform various conformity checks locally.

SCHURTER recommends measuring the leakage current for every newly installed machine during various operating states. For this purpose, it offers measurements with a leakage-current analysis system. Based on test results, SCHURTER identify excessively high leakage currents as well as their causes and offer suitable corrective actions.