Eletta Flow AB

Mechanical and electro-mechanical flow monitors

The company started its operations in the late 1940s. Later a unique design of the mechanical lever enabled Eletta to obtain a patent for its products. This design is still today the foundation of the Eletta product range, with the exception of the newly developed M-series. Eletta Flow’s strong reputation is based on robust design, longevity and precise deliveries. The Flow Monitors are based on the well-established differential pressure principle and are extremely well suited for rugged industrial environments.

Eletta Flow’s customers require high quality products that provide accurate information. Over the years Eletta Flow has grown into a highly international company with an export share of over 85 percent. Production is exported all over the world and we have appointed distributors in most European countries, Australia, South Africa, USA, Japan, Brazil, China and India.

Eletta Flow produces a range of flow monitors with different characteristics due to their basic design: paddle, variable area or different kinds if differential pressure (DP) executions.

The DP flow monitors and meters are the most important in the product range, making up approximately 90 percent of total production. All the mechanical and electro-mechanical flow monitors have the well proven Eletta proprietary design and robust construction.



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