Electromagnetic flow meters re-designed for even greater accuracy and convenience

Paul Boughton

GEA Diessel has redesigned its range of IZMAG stainless steel electromagnetic flow meters to make them even more accurate and flexible for applications throughout the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The new design features a re-designed measuring tube that eliminates the need for inlet or outlet pipe sections. This simultaneously saves space, making the IZMAG2 easier to position precisely into the tightest space and improves its already impressive measurement accuracy by ±0.2%.

Vacuum resistance is achieved by mechanically anchoring the synthetic material to a stainless steel lattice. This makes the IZMAG2 impervious to water vapour and resistant to cleaning temperatures of up to 80°C.These developments represent an evolution of the original IZMAG flow meters which, when launched in 2010, themselves included market leading features such as: a visual display, 360° positioning, and Bluetooth compatibility for simple data gathering.  

In common with all electromagnetic flow meters the IZMAG has no moving parts, offers bi-directional metering for all conductive liquids and is suitable for use at high temperatures or under vacuum conditions.    

Now with QR Code The latest IZMAG electromagnetic flow meters now feature a QR (Quick Response) code on the type plate of each instrument. It’s a quick, simple way for customers to access information and to contact GEA Diessel instantly from the location where each instrument is installed thereby receiving the fastest, most effective service from the company’s after sales team.

For more information, visit www.gea.com

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