Durable and dependable chock solution

Online Editor

An expert in engineered solutions has recently launched a new innovation. The latest solution enabled Miner Elastomer to expand on its dependable and durable wheel chock line in response to mining industry feedback.

The new chock was developed based on a customer’s requirement of adding a handle to Miner Elastomer’s wheel chock for class 1-6 vehicles with a tyre diameter up to 46in (116cm) and gross vehicle weight of 26,000lbs. By adding a handle to the chock, the company was able to meet the customer’s requirements and to create an innovative product that will also appeal to the wider mining industry.  

With the ergonomically designed handle integrated into the chock the user no longer has to bend over to place the chock under the vehicle.

The total height of the wheel chock by itself is 7.5in and with the handle incorporated into the design the total height is 36in. This waist-high handle allows the user to simply slide the chock under the vehicle’s tyres to chock the vehicle in place. When the driver is ready to unchock their vehicle, all they need to do is pull on the handle and the tyres will be quickly and easily unchocked. Also, this innovative handle only added 2lbs to the chock and the total weight of the assembly is only 7lbs. The chock is extremely lightweight and durable for all users. Most importantly, this chock is rated to OSHA Specifications 1910.178(k) 1910.178(m) and MSHA Specifications of 30 CFR § 56.14207 30 CFR § 56.14207.

The engineering team that devised the new product focused on keeping things as simple as possible for the end user. For example, if the user ever wants to remove the handle on the chock, all they will need is a 3/16in Allen wrench. This concept will allow the chock to be used for a wide range of class 1-6 vehicles.

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