The unbeatable value of Dunlop conveyor belts

Quality begins at home
Here at Dunlop, we are very proud of the fact that over the course of our 100-year industry history, our engineers and technicians have consistently led the world in developing and refining conveyor belts that provide top-class performance combined with the longest possible operational lifetime, even under the most extreme operating conditions imaginable. All our conveyor belts are made exclusively here in The Netherlands. This means that we have total control over the quality of our products from start to finish. It also means that we control the quality, safety and environmental impact of the chemicals and raw materials used during the manufacturing process.

The safest belts for humans and the environment
Strong regulations are in place in the EU and UK to protect humans and the environment in the form of REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemical substances). All European manufacturers are legally obliged to comply with the regulations relating to chemicals, preparations and substances used to create finished products. This includes registering the use of any “substance of very high concern” (SVHC) listed within the regulations with European Chemical Agency headquarters. 

There are also other strict EU and UK regulations such as the use Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Sadly, some European manufacturers have chosen to ignore these legal requirements, either completely or at least partially, while manufacturers located outside of EU member states and the UK are not subject to them. In Dunlop we are very proud that our company continues to be the leading advocates of environmental sustainability and compliance to these regulations and that every belt we produce is both safe to handle and safe for the environment.

Made to last
There are many different types of belt constructions, rubber cover combinations, and specialist products available in the Dunlop range. What sets Dunlop apart from the rest is that every single belt that we make has been designed to be the toughest, best performing and longest-lasting conveyor belt of its kind in the world.

It is not uncommon to see Dunlop belts running for several years on applications where the belts fitted previously had only lasted a matter of months or even weeks. Indeed, the whole concept of Dunlop is based on providing lowest lifetime cost. To find out more about why and how Dunlop ‘Made in The Netherlands’ belts provide unbeatable toughness and unbeatable value please visit our website: