Dual protocol ANT SoC module

Paul Boughton

Addressing the challenges of today’s Internet of Things (IoT), Dynastream Innovation’s N548 module brings both practicality and functionality to the market. Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF51422 SoC, this 2.4 GHz solution is small, future-proof and features concurrent support for both ANT and Bluetooth low energy. The small N548 is sized for wearable, home and industrial trends in a 14.0mm x 9.8mm x 2.0mm LGA (Land Grid Array) package. 

Designed for manufacturing ease, the N548 ANT SoC Module is fully integrated with PCB antenna, 32kHz crystal time base, DC-DC converter, and 24 GPIOs with six analogue inputs, allowing developers the freedom to focus on their specific applications. It is pre-certified with FCC/IC/CE/JP/AU/NZ designations and Bluetooth qualification.

The reduced cost and overhead of the N548 module makes it a suitable platform for broad usage, simple sensors as well as cost-focused applications. The N548 highlights the distinct advantages of the established ANT protocol, including its strong position in Android smart phones, while enabling a bridge connection between available ANT+ devices and the iOS platform. 

IO Components is Dynastream’s UK distributor. For more information, visit www.io-components.com