Dry pumps improve energy efficiency and lower costs

Paul Boughton

Edwards Group Limited has aided a large pharmaceutical company to reduce its costs and improve efficiencies by supplying them with an order of XDS dry scroll vacuum pumps.  

Since installing the pumps, downtime has been significantly reduced, as have maintenance and servicing costs, and operational efficiencies have increased.

A large company with more than 400 vacuum pumps at its research and development centre on the East Coast of USA was looking for a simple and reliable vacuum pumping solution that would enable it to reduce maintenance requirements.

They were previously using rotary vane pumps in their laboratory freeze dryers, but as oil-sealed pumps they need regular oil changes.  The company also had prior experience of using an Edwards XDS dry vacuum pump on a laboratory freeze dryer and was impressed by its reliability and performance.

Edwards worked closely to understand the requirements from the pump and recommended its XDS35i dry scroll vacuum pumps.  

The XDS range incorporates a unique dry pumping scroll mechanism that provides a robust and clean pumping solution for scientific applications.  

Dry pumps have no lubricants under vacuum, eliminating the need for regular oil changes, therefore reducing maintenance and environmental impact. It also means there is no possibility of process contamination, an important benefit in high cost pharmaceutical applications.

Alternative pumping technology was also reviewed, but Edwards’ XDS pump performance and maintenance requirements proved to be superior.  Annual repairs, labour and maintenance for Edwards’ XDS10 and XDS35i dry pumps are on average three times less than that for oil-sealed pumps.  

As a result of installing the XDS dry vacuum pumps in its freeze dryers, significant savings to maintenance costs, a reduction in downtime and a more efficient process have all been achieved. The pump’s water vapour capability has improved drying time on laboratory freeze dryers by 50 per cent and there has also been a significant reduction of noise and heat in their labs.

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