Digital tech transforms blast capabilities

Siobhan Doyle

Expanding digital capability with underground blast performance technology.

Orica Digital Solutions’ BlastIQ Underground technology could help improve underground blasting performance through advanced digital solutions.

BlastIQ Underground offers a comprehensive suite of integrated technologies, facilitating quality control and enhanced drill and blast productivity throughout the blasting process. From planning to post-blast analysis, the solution provides user-friendly reporting, analytics, and information management.

The technology optimises blast productivity by digitally communicating blast designs, enabling the re-application of charging designs in response to hole locations, according to its developers. The digital collection and management of drilling data helps engineers to identify continuous improvement opportunities in drilling and charging operations.

Rajkumar Mathiravedu, vice president of Orica Digital Solutions, emphasises the company’s commitment to digital transformation, stating: “Our software ensures that every blast is executed precisely, achieving desired outcomes and translating into significant cost savings and improved resource utilisation for our customers.”

BlastIQ Underground streamlines workflows, reduces operational costs, and provides a competitive edge to users, the company says. As the mining industry faces challenges in accessing orebodies, the technology offers data analytics capabilities, providing insights into performance metrics and blast outcomes.

Moreover, BlastIQ Underground has the potential to contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of mining operations by minimising ground vibrations, air overpressure, and the overall environmental impact of blasting activities.

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