Digital services for mining

Weir Minerals and AVEVA have signed a digital business framework for strategic cooperation. The objectives of the agreement include digitally enabling the mining industry by simplifying data access and data sharing with easy and secure on-premises or cloud integration between Weir Minerals and its customers. They will also be establishing the data foundation for technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to optimise equipment and processes and thereby maximising sustainable performance. Finally, the agreement will see the two firms aiming to pioneer new digital solutions supporting their common customers in digital transformation and adoption of intelligent solutions.

Weir Minerals will utilise the AVEVA PI System to collect, contextualise and analyse data streams, which will become the data foundation of its Synertrex digital ecosystem. This – along with AVEVA Data Hub, a cloud-native hub for aggregating and contextualising on-premises and remote data – will offer the mining industry a novel solution for securely connecting mining operators with Weir Minerals as an OEM.

The business model will provide a variety of flexible integration solutions – from on-premises to cloud – that will make it easier for miners to integrate with the Weir Minerals’ Synertrex digital ecosystem. It uses a secure and simplified approach to access and share real-time and historical operations data.

These shared ecosystems will provide miners and Weir Minerals with full data transparency and an easy-to-access, real-time 360-degree view of all Synertrex-enabled equipment and processes. They will also be the basis of the further development of digital twins and predictive algorithms, which will provide decision-makers with recommended actions and real-time decision support. This will lead to less power and water consumption and extended equipment life.  

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