Analog and digital fiber-optic interconnect solutions

DIAMOND, a Swiss-based company, offers a comprehensive line of rugged, high-performance and practical fiber-optic solutions specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility, modularity and durability in challenging conditions. As a vertically integrated company, DIAMOND is one of the few manufacturers with total control over their manufacturing process. High-quality ceramic, metal and plastic components, starting from the raw material to the finished product are all processed in-house. This system allows DIAMOND to guarantee that each single component meets all of the quality, reliability and performance standards, which can be found in DIAMOND products throughout the world.

Advanced fiber-optic technologies for adverse applications
Outdoor and industrial connectors must be able to withstand adverse temperatures and weather conditions, shock, vibration, tensile stress, external pressure, corrosive surroundings, and more. These conditions are much harsher than ones typically endured by standard commercial connectors and cable assemblies. Harsh environmental surroundings can adversely affect the operation of a system that utilizes fiber optics. To combat these conditions, Diamond has developed a wide range of strong, reliable, and customizable optical interconnect solutions built around the unique Diamond Multipurpose DM4 insert. The DM4 Insert incorporates four optical or electrical termini, which is ideal for hybrid electrical / optical applications. The optical termini are assembled with Diamond’s proprietary, state-of-the-art Active Core Alignment (ACA) process allowing for a combination of unparalleled fiber core concentricity and superior optical performance. In addition, IP ratings are met through solid and unique connector construction with fortified ingress protection.

Advantages include:

  • Ultra-low insertion loss (IL)

  • Unbeatable low IL for small core diameters

  • High return loss (RL)

  • Applicable for polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers and outperforms the IL performance in comparison to any other technology

Polarization maintaining fiber-optic interfaces
DIAMOND supplies high-quality solutions to polarization maintaining and polarizing (PZ) fiber-optical interfaces for optimal control of the signal’s polarization state. Low IL combined with high-polarization extinction ratios (PER) and higher RL are achieved over broad spectral ranges due to a combination of accurate optical and mechanical design.

Features and benefits include:

  • Proprietary ACA process for minimal eccentricity between a fiber’s core and ferrule to guarantee unmatched low-insertion losses

  • Active polarization orientation (APO) procedure for optimal alignment between the mechanical connector’s key and the true polarization (fast or slow) axis to guarantee the highest PER in a mated configuration

  • Optimized polishing techniques for excellent return losses values

  • 100% front face inspection

Power solution contact optical interfaces

DIAMOND offers power solution (PS) optical interfaces, which expand the multi-function display (MFD) of a single-mode (SM) fiber by splicing a gradient-index (GRIN) lens at the extremity.

The MFD at the end of the connector is subsequently expanded by a factor of four to five, increasing the contact surface by a factor of 15. As a result, the heat issues decrease, but cleanliness of the connectors and mating adapters is still important.

Features and benefits include:

  • Improved power resistance (x16)

  • Low IL

  • Ultra-high polish for high-return loss


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