Decarbonisation of the UK grid

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The launch of the new Network Analysis service by Enzen will facilitate the seamless integration of lower carbon technologies onto the grid in a sustainable, cost-effective way, in-line with the energy transition

Enzen launches Network Analysis services to deliver more efficient decarbonisation across the UK electricity grid
Enzen, the global knowledge enterprise specialising in the energy and water sectors, thas announced the launch of its Network Analysis services – innovative solutions to accelerate decarbonisation and accommodate more renewable energy sources on the grid at lower cost.
Utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), the Network Analysis services enable Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) to assess, plan and invest in their networks more effectively to meet regulatory requirements.
As more low carbon technologies like wind, solar and storage became available to meet the UK’s net zero ambitions, DNOs and IDNOs need to facilitate the integration of these renewable energy sources on the grid in a sustainable, cost-effective way.
To address this challenge, Enzen’s Network Analysis services will enable DNOs and IDNOs to achieve superior modelling, forecasting and resilience analysis of Low Voltage (LV) networks i.e.  those at 11kV and <11kV voltage levels, so they can accommodate increasing renewable energy connections more efficiently.  
The value of the Network Analysis services lies in how they deploy AI and ML technologies to deliver accurate, reliable and efficient data far superior to the manual analysis currently performed by DNO and IDNO network planners. With many of these utilities facing cost constraints due to the challenging RIIO-ED2 regulatory framework, Enzen’s new services come at a critical time.
Sanjay Neogi, Head of UK and Europe at Enzen, said: “As calls for climate action rightly ramp-up, the ability to accommodate sustainable energy sources on the electricity grid quickly and efficiently has never been more urgent.
“Our Network Analysis services means DNOs and IDNOs will be able to analyse and plan more accurately for a range of scenarios, such as renewable energy connection or electric vehicle charging requirements, which will in turn facilitate quicker connections.
“Underpinning all this are flexible, scalable and transactional commercial models, ensuring our customers can scale up and scale down resources based on demand. We believe that our unique offering, combining service delivery with engineering analysis expertise, will enable DNOs and IDNOs to achieve their sustainability ambitions and accelerate the energy transition, all while keeping costs in check for operators and consumers.”

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