Custom piezoceramic microtubes

Jon Lawson

Morgan Advanced Materials has become one of the first materials specialists globally to offer a prototype and development service for piezoceramic microtube components in diameters between 0.4mm to 1.0mm, and lengths of up to 15mm.

The products have been developed following increasing demand for ever smaller piezoelectric components, brought about by the accelerated rate of technological innovation in markets including medical, industrial measurement, and consumer electronics.

In certain applications where there is a need to accommodate optical fibres or ultrasound probes, components must be of a specific size to ensure compatibility.

Attempts to produce components of this size which meet the performance demands of their intended applications have, until now, proven difficult due to the sheer intricacy of the geometries required and the materials used. This breakthrough from Morgan makes it the only international supplier that can produce Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) microtubes within these exact parameters.

Morgan’s team of ceramic specialists have the capability to laser edge the components, splitting the surface into several external electrodes. This enables the component to bend during operation, opening the door to a variety of new applications.

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