Curtiss Wright

Our tradition for innovation, reliability and global presence continues to drive us today.

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies to protect and extend part life.

You can prevent common failures and reduce maintenance by the application of surface treatments to your components either during manufacture, post-manufacture or in service.

Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies has the range of services and products, expertise, back-up and support through our network of over 75 international facilities to find the correct application to make your components last longer and operate more efficiently.  Our heritage goes back to the Wright Brothers and Glen Curtiss, innovators of their time and we continue this philosophy today.

Using our own state-of-the-art equipment, we operate to key customer and industry approvals throughout our facilities, offering on-site work for large or fixed equipment and have worked across all key industries. You will receive a competitive, fast and cost effective service.

You can prevent and also resolve the issues of corrosion, fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, fretting, spalling and wear problems typically found in turbines, pumps, pipes, drill collars, compressors, valves and welded structures and assemblies.

These failure modes can be addressed by a single or combined application of surface treatments and our range includes: controlled shot peening, laser shock peening, C.A.S.E. superfinishing and coating applications including thermal spray (HVOF and Plasma), dry film lubricants, diffusion and parylene conformal coatings.

Controlled shot peening
This process induces a beneficial compressive stress in a component’s most highly stressed areas to increase fatigue strength and life, reduce stress corrosion cracking, impede intergranular corrosion and is also used to straighten or form metal parts which have been distorted during the manufacturing process. This process is also suited to welded structures particularly in the change of section and in areas of high stress intensity.

Laser shock peening
Beneficial compressive stress can penetrate up to 10x further into the substrate than by controlled shot peening and is a clean and clinically precise operation.

C.A.S.E. superfinishing
This is extensively used to prolong product life or increase product strength and is particularly suited to gears of all sizes as it hones the surface but leaves valleys to aid lubrication, reducing operating temperatures, noise and preventing macro and micro pitting.

Engineered coatings
Our huge range of coatings can protect and improve the performance of components operating in extreme high temperatures or harsh environments, including HVOF thermal spray to protect against thermal variation and dry film lubricants which can be combined with a hard wearing primer producing a durable and protective coating.  Parylene conformal coatings are suitable for shielding electronic systems from electromagnetic interference and corrodants, corrosive chemicals and solvents.

We can produce tailor made coatings to suit your application from pre-treatments to bespoke coating systems to resolve any issues or problems that you might be experiencing and offer a Level 3 NACE inspection service.

Our independent material testing facilities are also available to help you access the most effective production processes suited to your application as well as post manufacture analysis and reporting. We offer our customers a cost effective and flexible service, resolving their problems and challenges.  Using our expertise and experience we keep up to date with the latest technologies and evolving manufacturing issues that continue to arise today.


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