Corrosion monitor now with ISA100 wireless protocol

Paul Boughton

Cosasco has expanded the functionality of its CWT-9020 wireless water system corrosion monitor for electrically hazardous areas by offering ISA100 Wireless communications protocol. Along with WirelessHART 7, the new protocol option allows the transmitter to seamlessly integrate with an even wider range of existing wireless systems.

ISA100 Wireless supports more wireless devices and provides an effective wireless range of 1500ft (450m). Multiple Corrater wireless transmitters can be combined with wireless extenders to form a network of up to 500 devices. In addition, ISA100 Wireless gives users the flexibility of choosing either star or mesh network topologies.

The CWT-9020 uses linear polarisation resistance technology designed for use with LPR probes in water systems, and is suitable for water treatment systems or industrial cooling towers. The transmitter uses patented high frequency measurement on two electrodes for compensation of solution resistance that delivers high accuracy and a wide range of operation. The CWT-9020 is CE compliant and ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 Certified for hazardous operation and has an allowable operating range from -40°C to +70°C.