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Biobased outdoor coating: seeking renewability and rust prevention in remote locations.

No matter how technologically advanced today’s society is, corrosion remains a fact of life. Manufacturers and maintenance crews continue to battle rust on metal components, equipment and structures. While countless rust preventatives exist, Cortec’s EcoAir biobased outdoor coating powered by Nano VpCI is one approach to corrosion protection that specifically caters to renewability and worker convenience concerns for those in remote or difficult-to-access areas.

Wet film corrosion inhibitor

EcoAir is a biobased temporary coating designed for severe marine and high humidity conditions. It leaves behind an oily protective film that does not dry and is temperature stable to 180°F (82°C). It can be used to spray a quick layer of rust prevention on practically any metal part that needs protection: nuts and bolts, spare car parts, or other exposed metal surfaces. It is also great for quick temporary touch-up on equipment where chipped paint cannot be immediately restored.

Rust prevention with renewable content

A key feature of the coating is that it contains 65% USDA certified biobased content. At this percentage, it is also a qualified product under the mandatory federal purchasing initiative of the USDA BioPreferred Program, which requires federal agencies and contractors to give purchasing preference to products with a minimum level of biobased content in 139 product categories. For those who like Cortec’s CorShield VpCI-369 but need a biobased alternative, EcoAir biobased outdoor coating is a great substitute.

Convenient coating application

Another defining characteristic of the coating is its packaging. The product comes in EcoAir bag-on-valve (BOV) spray cans powered by compressed air rather than traditional chemical propellants. When the can is empty, the inside pouch can be thrown away and the can recycled.

Such packaging offers great convenience and portability. For example, workers doing MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) tasks on a rooftop unit may have to climb a ladder or steep stairway to reach the work area. While it would be impractical if not impossible to drag an air compressor and spray equipment up to the top of the roof to spray-apply a coating, it is easy to grab a can of EcoAir and do a quick application wherever corrosion protection is needed.

Offshore platforms or other remote worksites are also great candidates for EcoAir biobased outdoor coating. It is much easier to bring along a spray can of rust preventative coating than to haul an entire drum of coating – not to mention spray-equipment that poses trip hazards. EcoAir is also much easier and safer to store onsite than traditional aerosols – especially in high-risk environments such as the oil and gas industry – because it is classified as non-flammable (flash point: 257°F [125 °C]).

The battle continues for sustainable rust prevention

Corrosion never dies, but neither does Cortec stop looking for ways to bring user-friendly, sustainable features to the battle. EcoAir is one example of a convenient solution for environmentally conscious end-users or those simply looking for a way to comply with biobased purchasing mandates.


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