Continuous immersible actuators

Online Editor

AUMA’s actuators for continuous underwater use opens new applications for electric actuators – for water supply, in hydropower plants and underwater valves in general. Easy installation, low operating costs and maintenance requirements as well as the comprehensive functions of the integral actuator controls – to name only some advantages of electric actuators, turning them into a true solution for underwater applications.

“Furthermore, our electric actuators excel in meeting the aquatic ecology requirements as they do not contain any oil,” explains Peter Malus, senior product manager at AUMA. “Thus, they are an attractive alternative to oil-operated hydraulic actuators, both above and below the water level.”

A sophisticated sealing system combined with excellent corrosion protection properties qualify AUMA actuators for underwater use. Double sealed cable glands at the electrical connection safely prevent any ingress of water. Inner seals at all housing covers, sometimes coming in pairs, as well as a solid shaft made of stainless steel complete the universal concept.

The actuators fulfil the requirements of improved enclosure protection IP68-C15. The maximum permissible head of water is 15 m. As an option, heads of water up to 60 m as IP68-C60 are possible. In the explosion-proof version, the actuators are supplied in IP68-C8 enclosure protection for heads of water up to 8m.

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