Connectors for the military

Paul Boughton

Whether in an extreme environment or subject to high mechanical stress (or both) working properly even under the most arduous conditions is a basic requirement for all connectors used by the military.

ODU has developed the Advanced Military Connector (AMC) , especially for military and security equipment manufacturers. An extremely robust metal circular connector series that satisfies demand for load capacity and transfer reliability, while also offering special capabilities, such as hot-plugging or hybrid inserts.

The ODU AMC is in its element under the roughest conditions: tough, watertight and easy to clean, even in the battlefield. Compact, with low weight, a low-reflective surface and excellent EMC properties, these connectors are ideal components for military and security technology.

What is more important to an infantryman than to be able to act quickly under fire? t is not enough that all information systems are plug-compatible with each other and are small, light and robust – they also need to be easily cleanable on the battlefield.

The ODU AMC Easy-Clean series meets all these requirements being unaffected by dirt and dust. The receptacle or the plug can be cleaned, depending on their configuration.

The  Easy-Clean connectors are available in three different sizes and contact arrangements: Size 0 has 7 contact positions, Size 1 has 10-16 and Size 1.5 has 19 - all with solder termination

With shell diameters of 9.9mm to 18.5 mm and with up to 40 contacts, the ODU AMC High-Density range demonstrates that performance and functionality do not necessitate a lot of space. This series has different versions for power, signal and data transmission, with one of the variants providing USB 3.0 data transfer at 5 GBit/s.

These connectors have a long service life of more than 5,000 mating cycles - even under the impact of water, dirt, salt and temperature.

Blind mating and optimised mechanical and colour-coding guarantee safe and simple handling. Snatch or break-away versions are also available, providing an instant detach with a pull on the cable. 

This highly robust miniature connector, tested to MIL standards and with comprehensive patents pending, is already in use in soldiers' headsets and mobile communication systems - where low weight, reliable transmission and easy handling under difficult conditions are a must.

Miniaturisation is challenging, ODU’s strength is in having all of the relevant competencies and key technologies under one roof. Not only does ODU offer miniature connectors, but also any necessary sub-assembly, including cable overmould  as well as connections to flexi’s and PCBs.